Your time runs out


You only have so many days to get your business running


- Benjamin Franklin


As a hands-on interim construction professional I assist you to take the necessary steps to build your product.

I help you to cut down on junk and focus on the important parts:


1. Getting your product out

2. Making profit


What exactly do you get?

From my experiences in quality management, construction and development I can make an overview over the process of forming an idea into a product.

This overview allows it to unveil processes that are not useful to produce an MVP, and thus stop you from getting a product out as fast as possible. The MVP is important for you to find out if the market is interested in your idea. After your successful product launch, it is on you to learn how to further shape your product to the desires of the market. But to start this process, you first need to have a product that you can sell.

I am assisting you active in the development of your product. As a startup you don't need a CEO for hire, you need a professional that helps you to reach your milestones. So instead of looking from the outside and making smart remarks, I will stand next to you and go with you through all the steps.


Accessible via:

Skype, Email, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Phone



  • Requirement list
  • Checking the current status of the product
  • Developing the changes needed for MVP
  • Checking the construction of possible optimizations
  • Definition of the target customer
  • Product description
  • Target analysis
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Financing strategies



Since there are as many different startups as there is sand on the beach, I prefer to make a custom evaluation of the costs for each customer, according to the time and services I can offer. I look forward to give you a discount for payments in Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin and other cryptos. After a successful project we can discuss a custom extention of our cooperation.